How Do You Achieve the Healthiest You?

This is a question I get asked frequently due to the barrage of misinformation we receive on a regular basis. Most people would have you believe it’s the ability to lift a massive amount of weight or conform to a certain body type. In my opinion neither are correct and can be very misleading for someone who wants to take their life back and get in shape. I will define what I believe a peak physical state embodies and hopefully this will provide clarity for those who may have a distorted view.

I’ll begin with the most important concept and that is feeling damn good in your own skin; (i.e.) When you look in the mirror you like what’s looking back at you. It’s a congruency of your self-perception and everyday reality.

Another key component is attaining multiple skill-sets to create a well rounded athleticism to perform the specific tasks one has set for themselves. A lot of people appear to be fit , but have poor performance.

My final point is maintaining a healthy body weight through a balanced eating regiment that consists of eating a variety of (live) nutrient-rich foods and proper hydration. It’s important to remember “optimal health” is somewhat subjective and will vary from person-to-person, but hopefully these concepts I’ve shared will set you on a path to becoming a better version of you.

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