How Not To Fall Back to Old Habits

In personally dealing with hundreds of different people over the years a I’ve notice a consistent behavior pattern in many when beginning their transformations; They have a point A to point mentality. Let me explain: When people generally want to get into shape they usually will have an event they want to participate in or a special occasion the want to look their best for. Both scenarios are great motivators for initially getting started, but I want to address what happens when those moments are over. Unfortunately most people fall back into old habits, because they haven’t addressed the core behavioral traits that caused them to be unhealthy. We hear the term “LIFESTYLE” used all the time, but truth of the matter is that’s the only way to sustain lasting change. You must replace old habits with new ones to really ever change your body. A person must raise their standards and make the decision that things are going to be different for the rest of their lives. This type of change never occurs overnight and there will always be setbacks that is part of being human. I always reaffirm to my clients: ” I don’t expect perfection I expect progress.”

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