What kind of programs are offered?


All of our fitness and nutritional experience offerings are personalized for your unique goals, needs, and requirements. We always come to your location and we bring all the required equipment.



A complimentary initial consultation where we listen, establish goals, and create a plan and a timeline

1-on-1 Fitness Instruction

Private, personal fitness instruction at your location, focused on your specific goals and needs

Sport-focused instruction

Special fitness instruction focused on a specific sport or activity (such a golf, tennis, running, climbing, etc.), or post-injury rehab corrective exercises

Small-group Training

Not a boot camp. It’s 2-5 people, where you take advantage of competition & camaraderie, and you can reduce the cost per person.

Youth fitness

Training that often is focused on a specific sport, or creating a solid and positive baseline of fitness to instill healthy habits at an early age

Virtual Fitness

Live, virtual, interactive training that is ideal when clients are traveling or located outside of the Austin area

the Nutrition EXPERIENCE

Guided Grocery Shopping

Get helpful in-person advice on how and where to find foods and supplementation that achieve optimal nutrition

On-site Nutritional Counseling

Meal prep and education on food choice

Tracking and Accountability

Weekly weigh-ins with monthly performance assessments


Connect with us to schedule a complimentary consultation at your home in the Austin area.