How to Make This Stick

As a fitness professional I witness the struggle my clients often endure with implementing health and wellness into their hectic lives. They approach me at times with frustration and often ask: “How is it so easy for you?” The truth is that I’ve developed a resilient mindset over the years in which being active and healthy are a must in my life. I’m human too and have days where the last thing that I want to do is kick my own ass, but in those moments I have to tell that voice in my head to shut up.

Now I don’t want to over simplify this and make it sound as if all you have to do is repeat some  positive affirmation and all distractions will be removed from your day. It’s quite the opposite; I want my clients, when faced with these challenges, to make a decision to use exercise as an outlet to decompress. Think of this time as a way to unplug and detach yourself from the all the noise, so you can better deal with whatever issues are confronting you.

When will you know when you have made health and wellness a lifestyle? Exercise should become an  unconscious decision almost as natural as breathing. When it is the part of your day that never gets compromised. You will ask yourself when you will make time for physical activity not if. Developing this type of mindset is difficult, but anything worth while in life always is.

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